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Electrical & Mechanical Testing For Aerospace

Electrical & Mechanical Testing For Aerospace | Red Earth Systems

Electrical & Mechanical Testing For Aerospace

At Red Earth Systems we are proud to have worked on a diverse range of projects for clients in the aerospace industry. Our core work involves designing bespoke test systems for a variety of aviation components, for both civil and military aviation programmes. Our systems play a vital role in aerospace manufacturing, testing multiple units at once in even the most demanding of production environments.

Innovative Engineering Solutions For The Aerospace Industry

We use reliable connector systems and cable looms, test fixtures and software to enable you to achieve the highest standards during your manufacturing life-cycle. Our engineering systems are completely bespoke, using the most appropriate hardware and software systems to deliver a reliable result. Our systems include:

  • LRU testing rigs
  • Harness cables
  • Functionality testers
  • Power supply and load testers
  • Modelling and testing software

Our Aerospace Testing Services

Our aerospace solutions ensure that all electronic and mechanical systems operate at their required performance levels. Our tests can ensure the highest quality levels on many different aircraft systems, including:


Electrical testing, life-cycle testing, functionality testing.


Sensor testing, card-level test, unit qualification and production test, life-cycle testing, system integration testing.

Landing Systems:

Landing gear stress testing, environmental testing, control system testing.

Power Systems:

Functional testing for primary and secondary power distribution networks, load testing, system integration.

Why Choose Red Earth Systems?

At Red Earth Systems we are proud to have worked with some of the largest manufacturers in the aerospace sector. Here are some of the key benefits of involving us in your system testing:

  • Our engineers work closely with your team throughout the design, development and testing cycle
  • Each system is built around the requirement for real-time control and operator safety
  • Test platforms are designed to isolate and test individual components without having to send them back to their original manufacturers

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