Test Equipment Design / Development

RES are able to offer the best in test equipment engineering solutions, with a heritage in software, electrical and mechanical design. We are able to offer a complete solution to your requirements.

Mechanical Design

We use the latest tools in development of your system to provide manufacturing drawings in 2D and 3D to enable you to visualize the end product before production. Using our quality control system we can configure every item of the solution to provide bill of materials and drawing lists in a single design pack.




Hardware Design

Our hardware design engineers have vast avionics experience in the design of digital, analogue, FPGA and embedded designs.  We provide the complete solution from concept,layout, component sourcing and manufacture.


Software Design

Our software engineers at RES have a wealth of experience, with expertise in software, firmware, simulation and process control. Our experience in many software languages enables us to work in many different engineering fields. We provide fully automated software ATP and ESS test solutions with full results management. RES quality management system assures that good design and high quality are intrinsic in all our software developments.